Solar Power System - Residential Solar Training Ontario Mississauga
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Solar Power System - Residential Solar Training Ontario Mississauga

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Solar Power SystemThe time is around the corner when not too far in the distant future, we will see the oil wells and coal mines nearing their bottom and the sky littered with the coal and oil pollutants galore and our children and grand-children only thinking and questioning of what their parents and grant-parents did or didn’t do for what they see as their pressing challenges on power shortages, exorbitant energy price and above all the smog, pollutants, and high price to related health-hazards caused due to the increasing usage of fossil fuel for meeting energy needs.

The time has never been so ripe for adapting Renewable Energy Solutions especially for homeowners and small commercial / industrial property owners. The new law Green Energy Act” - proposes lucrative returns to home and commercial property owners by way of a power purchase agreement/Feed-In tariff that the homeowner/commercial property owner can enter into with the local utility (for example – Toronto Hydro, Enersource Mississauga, Hydro One Brampton etc) and with Ontario Power Authority. The Ontario Power Authority has proposed a continent wide first Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (RE-FIT) under which, the homeowner or the commercial property owner can expect a steady cash-flow based on the installed capacity of the Renewable Energy solution installed on the roof-top or on the ground. Under this RE-FIT, the customer can expect to recover the cost of the investment in approximately 9-10 years and then reap the profits for the next 10 years by way of steady and consistent cash flow every two months (or based on the billing cycle of the local utility). The incentives available to the homeowner or the commercial property have never been so good anywhere in North America.

Now is the time to improve your bottom line – Whether it is boom time or recession time – Utilise the power of “Sun” from 150 million kilometres away to re-charge your bank account – For next 20 years.

Why do you want to install Solar PV system
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